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I met Aaron and Megan for the first time on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We met at Falls Park in Pendleton, Indiana. Upon first meeting these two soulmates I could instantly sense the passion between them. They read what the other was thinking with just a look. They make the other laugh with just a smile. And they both can not take their eyes off of one another.

Aaron and Megan chose to have a late Fall engagement session, hoping for bright colored leaf trees in Falls Park. The weather for their engagement session was perfect for a Fall day (can you say a toasty 56 degrees?!). Even with a gentle breeze in the air, the heat between these two kept all three of us more than warm.

Both in the medical field, Megan mentioned that the two have opposite work schedules. The have been together a little over one year and engaged for just over a month. I asked Aaron to tell me a story about Megan to make her smile. With one look into Megans eyes and she immediately smiled without a word being said. The love that they share is pure chemistry.

When you find your soulmate you become in sync. You slowly learn each others little quirks. You pick up on what the other is thinking and you breath the same passion that fuels one another’s soul. To say love and laughter filled Aaron and Megan’s engagement session is an understatement. It is more than that. Aaron and Megan share a special bond. Indescribable to most, only felt by some, and one of a kind to them. The two will be married at the end of next August at the Crystal Coop in Anderson, IN.

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