Mr. & Mrs. Schaab


Kayla and Kenny met at a friends wedding in Petoskey, Michigan. This past July I had the opportunity to hear their love story as we captured sweet memories during their engagement session in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Kayla and Kenny chose to have their wedding ceremony in Bluffton, Indiana, at Kayla's home church. 

Upon arriving in Bluffton I was greeted by small town charm. Located just outside of the main town area, the church was quaint and served as the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony. 

Wedding Photography details, wedding gown
Rose shaped diamond engagement ring
Wedding gown, Bluffton, Indiana

The ceremony was filled with fine details and personal touches. The two's shared love for gemstones became part of the decor for their September wedding, from their geode wedding cake to the gemstone that their wedding bands lay on. During the ceremony hues of orange and teal adorned the aisle while Kayla and Kenny planted a unity tree, using dirt from their childhood homes. Upon saying "I do" the newly wed couple sped off to the reception in their boldly blue mustang.

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Bluffton, Indiana Wedding Photography
Bride and Groom Portrait, Bluffton, Indiana Wedding Photography
Bride and Groom Portrait, Bluffton, Indiana Wedding Photography
Bride and Groom Kissing, Bluffton, Indiana Wedding Photography

Filled with laughter, stories of love, and surrounded by family and friends, the reception was held at Wells County Arts Council. Upon arriving to the venue we crossed the bridge for a few intimate sunset photos with the couple. As we approached the reception venue to prepare for the first dance, the bridal party cheered and chanted for Mr. & Mrs. Schaab. 

A blessed day, congratulations to the happy couple, Mr. & Mrs. Schaab.

Intimate Bride and Groom Photo, Bluffton, Indiana Wedding Photography
Bridal Party in Bluffton, Indiana
Bluffton, Indiana Wedding Photography