Helpful Tips for Finding a Wedding Venue


Finding a wedding venue is one of the most important – and most challenging – parts of wedding planning. I’m making the process easier with helpful, practice advice!

If you’re in the process of finding a wedding venue, you may feel overwhelmed by all the options and factors to consider. You’re not alone! It’s a huge part of wedding planning.

The good news is that once you choose your venue, a lot of other decisions are much easier or even made for you!

But let’s get back to finding the right venue for you and your partner.

Are your dates flexible?

If you’re not set on a Saturday wedding, you may be able to get into a specific venue earlier or at a lower price point.

Many venues offer weekday discounts, as well as Sunday or Friday discounts. If your dream venue is out of your budget, see if changing your date would help.

If you’re in a hurry to book a venue, choosing a date in a less popular month – looking at you January – may be your best option!

Your Wedding Theme and Vibe

When considering a wedding venue, you need to be clear about the theme or vibe you want for your big day. This will help you narrow the search considerably.

If you want a modern, sleek wedding – you can take all barns off the list.

Looking for a romantic, candle lit reception – you can cross off any venue that doesn’t allow open flames.

After a peaceful, quiet location – you can skip all the downtown or city venues.

Your venue is the biggest deciding factor in how your wedding looks and feels, so make sure you know what you’re going for before you start venue shopping.

How Many Guests Do You Want to Invite?

Knowing your rough guest list numbers will help you zero in on venues that will work for your crowd. If you’re wanting an intimate wedding, avoid large venues that will feel empty. Inviting everyone? Look for spaces that can easily accommodate large groups.

Some venues have a guest list minimum – so be sure to check on any restrictions.

Finding a Wedding Venue You Love

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! You want to choose a location that feels unique and special for both of you. Sometimes couples choose non-traditional spaces because they are meaningful.

Some fun, original wedding venue ideas include:

  • libraries or book stores
  • your favorite brewery
  • the backyard
  • a community theater
  • your favorite cafe

There are no rules when it comes to finding a wedding venue! You should consider all of these elements when making your decision.

Need help finding a wedding venue you love? I know all the best spots – let’s chat!



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