Mr. & Mrs. Kim


Vendor Team:

I met Kate and Noah three months before their wedding day. At their engagement session I quickly learned that faith, laughter, and smiles is the center of their relationship. These two kind soulmates had me laughing and excited for their upcoming fall Korean wedding in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Being my first Korean wedding, I was not sure what to expected. From the moment I entered Castleview Church, I was quickly blown away by the tradition, warmth, and love that filled the venue. I was in love with the floral lounge that Kate and her siblings put together for her to greet the wedding guests in before the ceremony. Brightly colored tulips everywhere. It was gorgeous!

After greeting each wedding guest, it was time for the ceremony to begin. Kate and Noah’s mothers walked down the aisle in traditional wedding attire. Followed by Noah, as guests cheered while he walked to the alter. Next Kate walked down the aisle with her father, who then married the two.

Venue: Castleview Church
City: Fishers, IN

During the ceremony family and friends played and sang songs, Noah sang a ballad to his bride Kate, and rings were exchanged. Several of the two’s family members and friends could not make it to the wedding due to travel restrictions with covid. The two enjoyed a slideshow of pre-recorded well wishes and greetings from loved ones celebrating from afar. Such a sweet moment–even I teared up!

After the ceremony, a traditional photo was taken of all the guests in attendance. Family and friends then joined the newlyweds at Eddie Merlots for a dinner celebration!

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