Do You Need Photography and Video For Your Wedding?

Wedding Planning

Choosing between photography, videography or photography and video for your wedding is a big decision. I’m breaking it all down for you in this post.

Photography and video for your wedding are the only things that last – other than your love.

Flowers fade, dresses are donated, the food is all eaten… but your wedding photos and video tell your love story for generations to come.

But do you need to invest in wedding photography and videography? Isn’t one enough? At Studio 1534, we offer both services because they offer different value and memories. Keep reading to get the full picture!

Wedding Photography

This one feels like a no-brainer. Wedding photos are the most priceless memory and heirloom most people own.

Photos are the perfect way to capture tiny details, emotion, and all the people you love.

You can display your wedding images in albums, frames, wall art, and throughout your home. And one day when you’re older, your grandkids can flip through your wedding album and squeal about the old-fashioned hair styles and dresses.

You’ll want to find a wedding photographer who has a style and perspective you love, as well as someone you can connect with personally. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day!

But What About Wedding Videos?

Wedding videography is a bit more recent of a development than wedding photography (obviously), but it’s just as valuable.

Where photos show specific moments in time, video puts you right back in the moment. You can truly relive your wedding day through video – with the sights, sounds, music, voices, and vows.

You can hear the best man’s hilarious toast and experience the fabulous live band playing your favorite songs. You can watch the reactions on everyone’s face when you walk down the aisle or share your first dance.

Wedding videos make your memories come alive and give you access to the full wedding experience. It’s truly priceless.

Check out RJ and Caitlin’s super fun “Office” style wedding video!

Booking Photography and Video for Your Wedding

Quality wedding photography and videography is an investment. By offering both services through Studio 1534, we’re able to offer you the best pricing options and payment plans to help make that investment easier to manage. You also only have to work with one vendor, which saves time and leads to better photos and videos!

Interested in booking Studio 1534 for photography and video for your wedding? Click here to contact us!



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