Have You Considered Renting Wedding Decor?

Wedding Planning

Let’s talk wedding decor. You know those wedding photos you see that look too good to be true? Ya know…those images filled with floral chandeliers, vintage cars, and teepees. Ever wonder where all those gorgeous details come from? Well from a wedding decor rental company of course! Have you ever considered renting your decor? Below I’ll answer a few common questions when it comes to renting all the pretty details for your wedding day.


How’s it work?

Decor rentals are a great option to add a bit of flair to your day. There are several decor rental companies out there. Each company offers unique items and will have their own terms and services. Don’t be afraid to shop around and use more than one decor vendor! Every decor company will have a different procedure, but generally speaking here is how it all goes down:

  1. You visit a showroom either in person or virtually and select your pieces. Don’t forget to ask about packages for discounts!
  2. You will sign a contract and the vendor will explain the details to you. Sometimes you will be in charge of wedding decor pickup and sometimes the vendor will deliver on your wedding day to the venue.
  3. On your wedding day you will setup your beautiful wedding and celebrate your new marriage! Make sure to be careful when handling the items you rented.
  4. You return the decor and look forward to seeing how gorgeous your wedding day looked in your wedding photos.


Why is renting better than buying?

There are so many reasons that renting wedding decor is so much better than buying. Many times it can be a ones stop to shop for all your needs. You will not have to worry about storing everything until the wedding day. Often times you can even rent your linens, center pieces, and tableware at the same time (and some vendors will let you return those items dirty!). Most decor rental vendors will even deliver to the venue and at times provide the option to help setup!


Where do I find decor rental vendors?

There are so many great decor rental vendors out there! A simple search online can point you in the right direction. Two of my favorites are Violet Vintage Rentals and Sparkling Decor and More!





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