So You’re Planning A Wedding #3

Wedding Planning

Welcome to the third blog in the wedding planning series! If you’ve just tuned in, this series on the blog is a record of my experience planning my own wedding. I hope that my experience helps you with your own wedding planning and leaves you feeling inspired.

Ok, ready for the latest update in my wedding planning saga? Drumroll please…We just received our engagement photos and oh my word, I can not stop looking at them! I truly hope that all of the couples I work with get the same warm fuzzy feelings I do when they see their own engagement photos. Taylor and I have had our photos taken professionally once before, but all other images of us are just tripod setups (do it for the gram-am I right?), and we look like rockstars if I do say so myself.

So You’re Planning a Wedding

Getting Crafty

On another note- I have been obsessed with hunting for the most perfect little details and decor accents for our wedding day. While I LOVE stores like At Home, World Market, and TJ Max, I have found quite a few steals at my local Biglots and Goodwill. One tip of advice when searching for decor- don’t feel limited by what you see. For example, I picked up some fun funky embellished glass vases at my local Goodwill for just $1 each! I plan to paint them with a mirrored spray paint for a fun mercury glass look.

Also, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. I fell in love with gorgeous table runners that I just couldn’t afford. So I found beautiful velvet fabric in our mustard yellow wedding color at Joann Fabrics and will be making table runners for our accent tables myself. I am really looking forward to how the mustard yellow hue will pop in our wooden reception venue amongst the greenery and ivory accents.

Don’t Take On Too Much

One question I have been asked by a few people is: “You are planning so early, where are you storing all of this stuff?” I have a full size basement under my house with plenty of storage room. I picked up a few plastic storage containers at a local auction and it’s amazing how much you can fit into one of those things.

Always Love

Explore Alternatives

Our budget is tight for our wedding. We want to have a great day but also not spend a fortune. Our wedding will be on a Sunday, with an evening ceremony. We explored a few catering options with awesome vendors, but we honestly just can’t afford any of the options that we have been presented. We are opting to have a grazing bar to feed our guests.

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