Wedding Planning: I’m Engaged! Now What?

Wedding Planning



If you have made your way to this blog post then there is a good chance that you are engaged (congratulations by the way!). Wedding planning truly is a fun and exciting time. If you know me, you know that I love details and a wedding is full of them!

I titled this blog post “I’m Engaged! Now What?” because this post is dedicated to all the brides, grooms, and couples out there ready to rock their wedding planning. Be it you are ready to dive full force into wedding planning, or maybe the idea of planning a wedding seems overwhelming, I’m here to help.

Seriously, I’ve got your back. You know that insurance commercial about knowing a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two? That’s me when it comes to weddings. I’m more than just a wedding photographer. I’m the girl who will fold your groomsmen’s pocket squares, set out the cupcakes if you need help, and make sure you stay on time with your wedding day schedule. After all, I have been a part of big weddings, small ceremonies, and believe in celebrating love of all kinds.

So you are engaged, now what? A Guide to Wedding Planning.

Where do you even start? How do you begin? Well let’s keep it simple and start with your wedding date.

Did you know: you do not have to have a date set in stone to start talking to wedding vendors you love?

That’s right. On average 2 out of 5 brides that reach out to me about wedding photography do so without an exact date-and that’s ok! Sometimes finding a photographer and a venue that you both love and are available on the same date can take a little time. If you are flexible on your date it can help. With that being said, sometimes you may not have your wedding date until the same moment you book your wedding venue(that’s how I did things for my own wedding).

Date? Venue? Photographer?- Yes, Please!

Alright, so you have a wedding date now and a wedding venue. Yay! Two big decisions out of the way. I always suggest the next step in your wedding planning process now be to book your wedding day photographer.

I do ask my couples to secure their venue BEFORE booking wedding photography with me, but I’m happy to talk things out while you are planning/touring venues. When a couple first reaches out to me about wedding photography, I like to get to them a little more(tell me your love story!). If I am available for your wedding date and we feel like we would be a good fit to work together, we will then talk about your photography needs. I will help you decide how many hours of wedding photography coverage you need and we can begin to plan out your engagement session!

Wedding Party, Wedding Colors

Keeping in mind that there is no right or wrong order to planning a wedding, most couples decide to work on their wedding colors and putting together a wedding party next. Not having a wedding party? No problem! (That just means more time for intimate bride and groom photos.) Can’t decide on how many to have in your wedding party? I suggest keeping the number low and only including those whom you have a special relationship with. Don’t include people just because you feel obligated to or because you do not want to hurt anyones feelings. You want a wedding party that is going to support you during the wedding and make you feel comfortable.

Every year it amazes me how apparent the Pantone color of the year is in wedding decor. Last year Ultra Violet was a color choice in three weddings I photographed. This year two couples I will be working with have told me they are incorporating coral into their color schemes. Crazy right? It is recommended that you stick with a color scheme rather than a strict two colors. It will help open up your options with decor and help you feel less limited when choosing bridesmaid dresses.

What’s Next?

Typically next is when you would begin to find your other vendors: videographer, officiant, caterer, DJ, makeup artist, etc. -Oh and of course begin to dress shop! Here are three tips when it comes to navigating the rest of your wedding planning process.

  1. Keep in mind your budget- Things will at times seem overwhelming remember its ok to step back, take a breath, and just breathe. Don’t let your budget get lost amiss the wedding chaos.
  2. Stay true to what you want- Do plenty of research. Look at bridal magazines, maybe start a Pinterest board of inspiration, but remember to stay true to what you want for the day. Do not feel pressured to use a specific vendor just because a sibling did. Don’t feel obligated to wear your hair a certain way just because a family member tells you that you should. Don’t try to recreate detail by detail a wedding you saw in a magazine. Keep your wedding true to you and it will be great!
  3. Remember it’s ok if it isn’t perfect- It doesn’t matter how much you plan it, not everything will go as planned on your wedding day. …That’s right, I said it… I have been to quite a few weddings, and I am here to tell you that at every single one of those weddings something went not as planned. But you know what? It didn’t matter. Each of those couples still had an amazing wedding day surrounded by family and friends. And what’s more, each of those couples ended the day married to the love of their life. And that’s the most perfect thing of all!

Want to read more about wedding planning? Check out my blog post about my own experience planning a wedding!

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