Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime moment. Want to know a secret? Your wedding day will go by in a flash. I know mine did. Replay all the moments and remember the day with a wedding video. Our wedding films are recorded home movie style, as if someone picked up the camera and just started recording. We will capture the big moments, the little moments, and those moments you didn't even know happened.

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Wedding Videography Packages  $1,200

 + 5 hours of coverage
+ 60 second highlight film

When booked with photo $900

Meredith & Ted

Lindsey & Cody

Emily & Mike

Venue: Backyard Wedding
City:  Greenfield, IN

When they found themselves looking at "plan b" for their wedding day, Meredith and Ted knew the most important thing to them, was to be able to share their wedding day with loved ones. So the two switched things up and traveled from Washington D.C to Greenfield, IN to be married in the backyard of Meredith's family home, surrounded by a small group of family and friends. Incorporating several of their loved passions into the day, Meredith and Ted celebrated in style. 

Venue: 1414 Venue
City:  New Castle, IN

Lindsey and Cody live life in the fast lane, and their wedding day was no exception. Their afternoon wedding was fun, unique, and a little untraditional. The two choose 1414 Venue for the ceremony and reception, leading to a more intimate celebration of their love.

Venue: Cathedral  of Immaculate Conception
& The Grand Wayne Center
City:  Fort Wayne, IN

The chemistry between Emily and Mike is electric. From the moment of their first look, the two could not stop sharing intimate glances across the dance floor. Harry Potter nerds and Doctor Who fans, Emily and Mike brought their love for Disney and pie to the scene at their reception. So fun!

60 Second Highlight film & Full wedding film

60 Second Highlight film & Full Wedding film

60 Second Highlight film & Full Wedding film

60 Second Highlight film & Full Wedding film

Becca & James

Kaweme & Benjamin

60 Second Highlight film & Full Wedding film

Venue: Neidhammer
City:  Indianapolis, IN

Becca and James were so excited to get married that they had a private wedding ceremony in early January, four months before their official wedding day celebration.  When April rolled around, they decided to celebrate their love for one another with a fun and colorful fiesta with family and friends. The day was filled with bright colors, salsa music, a taco bar, and of course a lot of love!

Venue: The Armory
City:  South Bend, IN

Tradition and love are two words that best describe the relationship between Kaweme and Benjamin. The two were married at their home church, having an African-American wedding celebration--a  ceremony mixed of the two's heritage and traditions.  After tying the knot, a reception celebration was held at The Armory in South Bend.  


Where are you located? 
I am located in New Castle, Indiana...but…I LOVE to travel! Contact me for more information and applicable travel fees.

How do I get my wedding video? 
Films are delivered via a mailed USB drive. This way you have your film forever. You will receive both the highlight and the wedding film 3-4 weeks after your wedding day.


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