Things I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding: Unexpected Wedding Advice

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Things I wish I knew before my wedding

A fun look at the things I wish I knew before my wedding, and how you can prepare for the things you least expect!

The list of things I wish I knew before my wedding is long. Turns out, there are so many things that no one warns you about! This post shares some of the things I wish someone had told me! Read through to prepare yourself, learn a few useful tips, and avoid some of the unexpected issues that can pop up.

Vendors Don’t Plan Their Own Timeline

If you don’t work with a wedding coordinator or planner, you’re responsible for telling your vendors when to arrive. Planning out a timeline for a dozen or more vendors is a lot of work. This is one reason I highly recommend hiring a professional coordinator. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is frantically calling your florist because you need your flowers for pictures but didn’t tell her to arrive early!

Wedding RSVPs Are the Worst

RSVPs will probably make you want to scream, cry, or elope at some point. Here’s the thing – not everyone who RSVPs will show up. Oh, and on the other hand, not everyone who shows up will have sent their RSVP.

You can always assign a member of the wedding party to follow-up with missing RSVPs, or outsource the entire process to a coordinator or stationer. Some wedding invitation designers will take over the entire process for you. That’s a service worth paying for!

You Don’t Need Wedding Programs

Designing and printing programs for your wedding can be expensive and time-consuming. The truth? Programs are kind of dated at this point, and you definitely don’t need them.

If there is info you need to share with all of your guests, consider having a custom sign created to display at the ceremony. I’ve seen this work well for things like cell-phone free ceremonies and invitations to “pick a seat, not a side.”

Put the money you save by skipping the programs toward something you’ll enjoy – a live band, a bouquet of your favorite flowers, or a wedding video!

Your Wedding Officiant Needs to be Official

Depending on the state you live in, your wedding officiant needs some kind of license. Many states require an official document that anyone can apply for and be awarded.In other states, the law is a bit more informal.

If you have questions about your wedding officiant, double check with the county clerk’s office in the county where you’re getting married to make sure everything is official.

Cake Cutting Costs Extra

The price you get for your cake usually doesn’t include cutting it. Cutting a wedding cake isn’t as easy as you may think either.

If you’re working with a wedding coordinator or planner, check with them to see if there’s someone who will do this. Sometimes venues or caterers will include cake cutting in their services, but don’t just assume someone is taking care of it. The last thing you want is a beautiful cake that no one can eat!

Anything I missed? I’d love to hear any unexpected wedding advice you’ve received in the comments!



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