Here’s How to Elope: Advice from an Elopement Photographer

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Eloping is romantic, memorable, and adventurous. Is this the right option for you? I’m an experienced elopement photographer, and I’m sharing all my best advice to help you decide!

Eloping is the ultimate adventure. And for many couples, it’s everything a wedding day should be.

But is it right for you? That’s what I’m gonna help you decide.

Taft Point Elopement Photo

Start With Your Dreams

When you picture your perfect wedding day, what do you see?

If you imagine yourself on a mountaintop, on the side of a canyon, down by a raging river, strolling along with your toes in the sand or floating off in a hot air balloon – you’re probably going to want to elope. You’re an adventurer at heart – and your wedding should reflect that!

If you imagine yourself surrounded by 150 people partying with you on the dance floor – an elopement may not be the right choice. But remember, if it’s the party that’s important, you can always through an epic celebration after you elope.

If you’ve always dreamed of a more traditional wedding ceremony with everyone you love in attendance, you can go ahead and scratch “elope?” off your list.

Find the Right Elopement Photographer

Every elopement, no matter how intimate, should be documented. Especially if you opt for an adventurous elopement in a stunning location!

But you don’t need to find a photographer who has been to the exact location you’re planning for your elopement. You should focus more on overall experience, enthusiasm for elopements, and a style of photos that you love. A great photographer can scope out a location and plan jaw-dropping photos without having previously visited the area. In fact, sometimes working with a photographer who is new to the location means fresh eyes and perspective… and even more creative and incredible images.

By the way, if you’re feeling inspired to plan your own elopement, I know a great elopement photographer. (Me, it’s me!)

Be Honest With Your Partner

Whether you get married with a massive 500-person wedding or the 2 of you alone on a mountainside, what matters is that you’re making a beautiful commitment that feels just right to both of you.

It’s easy to get swept up in the chaos of planning a large wedding. (If Carrie Bradshaw can lose herself in wedding planning, it can happen to anyone!) But you want to make sure you’re making a choice that you agree on as partners.

Set aside some time to talk about what you each want. And don’t assume your partner isn’t interested or doesn’t care! Almost everyone has at least some feelings about their wedding day.

When you look at what matters most, and what you want to celebrate on your wedding day, you’ll be able to decide together whether eloping is right for you.

And don’t forget – eloping doesn’t have to mean just the two of you! You can plan an intimate elopement that includes your absolute closest loved ones if that’s what you want. After all – it’s your day!

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Groom and Bride Eloping at Taft Point- Here's How to Elope: Advice from an Elopement Photographer



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