How to Dress for Engagement Photos


Your go-to guide for looking fabulous and feeling confident when you don’t know how to dress for engagement photos

Being engaged is such a romantic, fleeting season – and your engagement photos will help you remember this sweet time in life. You want your photos to reflect you and your fiancé’s love and personalities. And you don’t want them to look dated after only a few years! The key is to be prepared. Choosing the right outfits will help your photos look timeless and make sure you and your partner feel like the best versions of yourselves. I’ve put together my best tips for how to dress for engagement photos so you can relax and enjoy the experience!

Coordinate, But Don’t Match

There’s a big difference in looking coordinated and looking like twin siblings.

Choosing outfits that complement each other and don’t compete will give your photos a more cohesive, natural look. And it will keep the focus where it should be – on you two!

Start with a color that makes you feel confident and looks great on you, and then build your outfits from there. For example, if you love the way you look and feel in blush, let your partner choose their outfit in colors that pair with blush. Navy, charcoal, black, or olive are good options. And if you’re wondering how to know what colors work well together, try this cool Color Calculator to generate an entire coordinating palette.

Couple at their engagement session_How to Dress for Engagement Photos

It’s Good to be Comfortable

Your engagement session should be FUN! Check out this post about why engagement sessions matter if you’re not totally sold yet. You look your best when you feel your best, so make sure you choose outfits that are physically comfortable and make you feel your best.

If you love your arms, show them off in something sleeveless!

If you feel best in a dress, wear one!

The best “rule” for how to dress for engagement photos is to wear something that feels good on – no itchy tags or starchy shirts – and makes you feel confident.

Outsource Your Hair & Makeup

Unless you’re a professional stylist, it’s worth investing in professional hair and makeup. There’s a good chance you’ll wear more makeup on your wedding day than you ever have before! But when you work with a good makeup artist, it will look natural and glowing in photos. Most makeup artists and hair stylists include a trial for wedding hair and makeup, so use those trials to get ready for your engagement photo session!

Professional hair and makeup will help you feel more confident, help getting ready feel less stressful, and will give you an elevated look in your engagement photos.

How You Dress for Engagement Photos Matters

These are the photos you’ll look back on when you’re telling your kids about how your love story began! They’re also a trial run for your wedding day photos, so you want to both look and feel your best.

Use these tips to make the best outfit choices, and remember to let your personality shine. Small details – headbands, hats, jewelry, accessories – can make a big difference.

And remember, the most important element of your engagement photos is always your love!



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