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I am a designer, thinker and creative. Born in a small town in the Midwest, my work is full of wanderlust. A daydreamer and night-thinker, I find beauty in the little things. Art is what fuels the soul. I can't wait to learn how together we can live, inspire and create new ideas. 

I'm Emily

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Design is a way of life.

Just as beauty can be found in every element of life, design is what constructs the world as we know it. The subjective versatility that is created by combining elements of photography and type within design, possesses the ability to create a powerful message. I look towards classic film, fictional books, trending magazines, up and coming artists, and mainstream pop culture for reference for my work.

The world is an open book of inspiration. I find that the most successful design elements are often right in front of us, just waiting to be discovered.

By placing myself on the same level as my art, as an artist, I am able to view the world through the eyes of my design which helps me better relay the story my work is telling. The style of my work is contemporarily modern in a way that is feministic and eye catching. By embracing both digital and traditional methods of photography, illustration, and mixed media, the work that I produce is original, unique, and approached from a fresh angle every time.