F.A.Q: Wedding Day Edition

Wedding Planning

I get a lot of wedding day questions on Instagram about planning. These questions come from engaged couples just like you. Some couples ask questions about finding the right vendor, while others are curious if they really have to do that dreaded garter toss! Think of this post as the collection of questions you have always had but are too afraid to ask!

Disclaimer…these are really questions I have been asked, answered with my own opinions. Every wedding is different and unique. Make sure that you plan a wedding that is perfect for you and have a day that you love!

“Where do I begin? It’s all so overwhelming!”

  • First set a budget. This may you know who is paying for what and how much money you have to spend. Then, decide what is most important to you and allot the budget accordingly. Next, book your venue. In many cases your dream wedding date may not be available at your dream wedding venue. Try to be flexible!

“What is the average cost of a wedding videographer in Indiana?”

  • Average cost of a wedding videographer in Indiana is anywhere from $1,000 – $2,500. Of course you will find some videographers to be lower and higher in price. Remember experience, gear, and expertise all go into pricing. Also be aware of what your package is that you are booking. Wedding videography in Indiana will likely be higher than some regions and lower than say the west coast.

“What is average wedding photography pricing in Indiana?”

  • Average cost of a wedding photographer in Indiana is anywhere from $1,800 – $3,200. Just like videography, photography costs really depend on the type of coverage you are booking and the photographers expertise, gear, if you have one photographer at your wedding day or two, if you are receiving prints or an album vs digital files, and demand in the market.

“What do I have my guests do at the reception?”

  • Anything you want! Really! It’s your day. Traditionally there is: cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, first dance, and toasts. But traditions are meant to be broken. Having a summer wedding? Bring out the lawn games. Want to really get the dance floor grooving? Hire a live band to play. Other ideas include: board games, get to know the bride and groom games, wedding bingo, dance contests, s’mores bars, cupcake decorating, adult bounce houses, and so much more!

“When do I order my dress?”

  • As soon as possible. It may sound crazy, but when you go to a bridal store and find your dream wedding dress, chances are it will need to be ordered in your size. It can take anywhere from 12-16 weeks for the dress to come in. If you need any alterations made to your dress that can be an additional 2-3 months depending on how busy your seamstress is. Remember that most seamstresses are taking in high school dance dresses to (think prom in the spring) so plan accordingly.

“My mom says we shouldn’t have to serve everyone dinner. Is that true? Catering is so expensive!”

  • Mom is right. You don’t have to serve everyone dinner. But it is appreciated. Dinner doesn’t have to be costly if you think outside of the box. I’ve seen taco bars, burger bars, and even pizza by the slice served. Grazing tables are the “in” thing right now (give it a google) and very cost effective. If you do it right you can get away with spending as little as $5-$7 per person. One thing to remember: If you do serve dinner, don’t forget to feed your vendors. They are there working hard for you all day to make sure your day is AMAZING. Keep them fed.

“What is your biggest piece of advice for my wedding day?”

  • If I could only give you one piece of advice for your wedding day, it would be to soak up every second of it. The day will go by in a flash. Enjoy it.

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