Ten Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning

Ten Wedding Planning Tips

1. Remember that it is YOUR day. During the planning process and right up till you say I Do, friends and family are likely to give you advice and opinions. Remember that it’s YOUR wedding day. Don’t be afraid to say no. Makes sure that the day you are planning is something you will truly enjoy.

2. Include your partner. There is nothing worse than one of the two of you taking over the entire details of the day and the other one feeling left out. Your partner may say they don’t care to be involved in planning. If so, that is totally fine, but still be sure to ask for opinions from time to time so they still feel included.

3. Set a budget. Set a budget and stick to it! Nothing is worse than purging on table linens only to find out you now have less money to put towards the cake. Budgets are your friend.


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4. Remember you have to store everything. Unless you are renting all of your decor, you will have to store everything you buy until the wedding day. When I planned my wedding I went crazy snatching up deals. I starting buying a year in advance and soon my basement started to look like a wedding store itself! If you remember any of these wedding day tips remember this one. You’ll thank me later!

5. Have fun. With wedding planning comes a lot of stress. Be sure to take breaks from planning. If you are starting to feel upset or over planning, step away from it for a few days. 

6. Be open to new ideas. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Change is good and new ideas can lead to creative fun! Need some ideas? Digital invites are the new thing. Let your bridesmaids wear dresses from other weddings. Invite your guests to brunch instead of dinner. The possibilities are endless.

wedding planning tips for your wedding day

studio 1534 wedding photographer indiana wedding planning tips

7. There is no such thing as a perfect wedding. Something will go wrong. You might be late to your own ceremony. A bridesmaid may get sick. You may forget the rings at home. If something goes wrong, don’t get hung up on it. Instead roll with it.

8. Everyone has wedding planning tips. Just about everywhere you look you can find wedding planning tips to help with planning. Do some research on what to expect. You’ve likely never been married before, it’s ok to ask for advice!

9. Focus on your own health. Wedding planning can put a toll on your own mental and emotional health. Be sure you are getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy.

10. Enjoy the process. Most people only plan a wedding once. Soak it all up and enjoy every single moment of it. Remember planning should be fun!


Looking for more planning ideas? Head on over to the knot! Ready to book wedding photography for your wedding day? Contact me here!



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